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Appreciation Chart

In Figure 2., The Wellness Fence, I am brought to clearly understand this difference between health or healing and WELL-BEING. WELL-BEING is absolute. Health is the condition. Healing implies fixing and comes into existence when comparisons are made between health to or from illness, strength to and from sickness. Wellness leans almost cynically in the shadows of health and in the light of WELL-BEING. Health and healing observes Wellness and refuses to see past that point or to become into WELL-BEING. WELL-BEING seeing Wellness and yet will avoid acknowledging sickness, illness, and healing or health issues at all. By nature WELL-BEING’s conclusive standings totally avoid comparisons with illness or sickness.

From creating a variety of Appreciation Games, I have noted categories of appreciations appearing in my writing, in my verbalizing and in other’s Appreciations, as well, and have made this illustration to informally depict them. This chart is meant to be a tool to enhance diversity in Appreciations that presumably results in more balance towards personal clarity and learning from “Within”. Appreciating is a mechanism towards alignment and allowing. If the Appreciation Category Chart helps you find more ways to appreciate and makes you feel good in so doing, then it is a tool for you, if not, that is ok too. It does help me.

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