Appreciation Cards
We are offering a variety of Card Sets.... All Law of Attraction based and Appreciation Focused

Each card set is $25.00 per box.

We have complied a huge variety of Law of Attraction cards that are all inspired from Appreciation and Love, and are supported by personal photos that enhance the inspirational messages. It is wonderful to have a set of inspirational cards that are Law of Attraction Based to send to friends who "get it" and friends and relatives you wish did "get it".

Order on-line below, by calling (805) 650-9000, or email to the link at the bottom of the page.

With Love and Appreciation,

~Peggy and Uri Halevi
View and Buy From List Below
Theme of card set Card Collections Price
The Art of Appreciation Book Chapter Cards A card for each chapter in the book (11 cards)   $25.00
Favorite Cards Beautiful Appreciation quotes (10 cards)   $25.00
White Flower Cards A bouquet of floras of pure Appreciations (10 cards)   $25.00
A Bouquet of a Dozen Rose Cards Healing is a Consciounsness - "Get Well" (12 cards)   $25.00

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